College: Real & Relatable Devotionals for Every College Girl

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College is hard. It makes it incredibly difficult to grow in our faith in a practical, applicable, and tangible way. And that’s exactly what this devotional series is designed to help with. This study is written for college students but soon-to-be college students, grad students, or recent grads are welcome, too! These are great for small groups and Bible Studies (use these along with the Leader Guide!) but also suited for individuals if you prefer to go through the studies on your own! In this bundle, you will get ALL 10 topical studies AND an exclusive leader guide for much less than buying each study individually. The topical studies range from 3-6 weeks (one study per week) in length and there are 42 weekly studies total (plenty for the entire school year!) If you’re looking for an effective devotional, seeking encouragement, or hoping to learn how to cultivate and create a powerful community study, this is for you. This is for every girl. Regardless of where you come from, how qualified you feel to be a Christian, or how broken you might be right now, this is for you. BECAUSE YOUR BROKENNESS IS WELCOME HERE. I pray this challenges you, encourages you, and transforms your college years for the better.


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