The Struggle is Real: Strength through Sufferings, Setbacks, & Struggles



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Ever feel like God doesn’t hear your prayers? Wondering if He’s still there when life gets hard? One of the hardest times to trust God (and to believe He’s real) is when tragedy, suffering, and disappointment hit the scene.

This six week study is packed full of personal stories, powerful Truth, and honest encouragement in order to help you through sufferings, setbacks, and struggles. Because life is hard and struggles are real BUT Jesus is stronger. And sometimes in the middle of our mess we need to not only be told that Jesus is stronger but also experience it.

This weekly study is one of the ten from COLLEGE study series and is written to do just that. It will offer you hope, challenge you to step back and look at the bigger picture, and create a safe place to let yourself FEEL God’s presence in the middle of trouble.


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