It's a Movement

Your Brokenness is Welcome Here is more than a message, it's a movement.

Thousands across the globe have joined this initiative to share a better, truer message with a world full of division, competition, and hate.

By purchasing and wearing/displaying YBIWH, you'll get tell both parts of the story. In other words, you'll have a chance to tell the whole message of the good news of Jesus with a hurting world.

The first part is God's invitation to us to come to Him as we are, regardless of how broken we may be. This is reflected in the words on this sweatshirt, Your Brokenness is Welcome Here. The second part of the story is the hope message and promise God gives when we trust in Him, Your Brokenness is Also Redeemed Here.

God is a God of renewal, redemption, and restoration. And He doesn't just welcome our brokenness, He makes it whole. Let's reach the broken, the hurting, the excluded, and the lost with open arms and with the love, redemption, and hope we all need.


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