judgment free zone


Your Brokenness is Welcome Here is more than a message, it's a movement.

Thousands across the globe have joined this initiative to share a better, truer message with a world full of division, judgment and competition.

By wearing YBIWH, you'll get to tell a better story. You'll get to be a welcomer and take a stand for love.

We used to tell you what to say when someone asks you what it means. However, what you respond should come from your heart. What does this message mean to you? How has it impacted you? Pass that on.

Plus, your purchase provides employment opportunities for college women to fund their education. This is movement founded on women loving, supporting, and lifting one another up. Will you join the movement?

join the movement
a percentage of every sale supports women in crisis and creates employment opportunities for college women paying for their education.
wear it proudly
Wear or display the "Your Brokenness is Welcome Here" message and invite others to feel welcome & included in your community.
share the message
Get into the community by sharing how this message impacts you — and how it impacts women around the world — on social media. Use the hashtag #YBIWH so we can feature your story.


Pull up a seat and be ready to cast the vision of the woman you are about to become. Join alongside author, speaker, and SHE-E-O, Jordan Dooley, as she invites you into your own story of confidence, intentionality, wisdom, and drive. 

In this show, Jordan covers actionable advice on cultivating healthy relationships, creating a successful business, embracing body positivity, improving money management, and empowering your faith – all wrapped up with tailorable, tangible takeaways. Nothing is off the table from most embarrassing moments and difficult breakups, to practical success strategies and entrepreneurial life. 

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