Your Brokenness is Welcome Here™ Tee - Black


This soft tee features a simple design and the invitation we as the church ought to sport more often, "Your brokenness is welcome here."

Nearly three years ago, I coined this little phrase as the tagline of my blog. Inspired by Mark 2:17, where Jesus sets the example of what it means to be the church, it has served as the driving force behind all that I do. In this verse, He showed us that the church is meant to be like a physician for the sick and broken...not a club for the righteous. Yet so often, people who love Jesus are seen as religious, judgmental, uptight and exclusive. This shirt is meant to share a message that is radically different from the stereotype the world puts on Christians...AND the true message and hope of Christ.

It’s not only meant to serve as a reminder that YOUR brokenness is welcome here but also to serve as a tool and an opportunity to invite OTHERS into the Kingdom, too. I hope that it starts many conversations and opportunities to share the Gospel wherever you wear it.

This flowy, black tee fits slightly loose and comfortably long. It's great for layering with a cardigan or flannel in the fall and long enough to throw on with yoga pants or leggings!

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

Brand: Alternative Apparel 

SIZING CHART           S          M          L          XL

BODY LENGTH          27        28         29        30

BODY WIDTH             19       20         21        22