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SHE Refined Binder


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When you enroll in a college course, say biology, and commit to learning all that the class has to offer for the semester, did you have a binder or file to keep all the assignments, pages you printed, notes, and more? 
As we built this project, we thought, "Why should this be any different?!"
As soon as you log into the project, you'll quickly see that there are tons of downloads and printable resources for you. These include juice recipes, reading plans, workout plans, Scripture challenges, monthly worksheets, and more. And you'll want a place to organize all of those worksheets and resources--just like you would if you enrolled in a college course for the year. 
Having physical documents and really getting to tangibly interact with the project can make all the difference in how effectively you absorb and implement all that you will learn this year.  
If you're the kind of person that likes to keep all your resources in one place, and want to print out all the downloads each month, the SHE Refined binder is for you! 

This is just the binder. You are free to print whichever worksheets, plans, and other downloads you value most each month! It’s also great for putting loose leaf paper in and taking notes if you are someone who prefers more space for note taking (as opposed to the journal ;)

This is a one time only resource we are offering while SHE is open for enrollment and have a limited supply.